New Beginnings


2017, you were something else.
Literally the only way I can describe you.

You walked me through loss, through hurt, through tears, through let downs, through anxiety, through feelings of insecurity and inadequacies.

You also walked me through the joy of new life, through exciting road trips, through feelings of hope, through growth, through times of joy, through celebrations. You made Christ so apparent in so many ways.

2017 was one of those years that you didn’t really know what to feel. I had a friend describe it as the caterpillar year. The year where you are on the ground, chugging along, not really going any where.

Y’all. You know what comes after the caterpillar? A cocoon. I dub this year, the year of the cocoon. I’m going to hustle my tail off in every aspect of life because my wings are coming. I can literally feel it.


This year, my word is Serve.
I want to serve my Lord better,
I want to serve my husband better,
I want to serve my friends/ family better,
I want to serve my clients better,
I want to serve my youth group better,
I want to serve my community better,
I want to serve my YL family better,
I want to serve my personal growth better,
I want to serve my home better,
I want to be a better servant financially,
I just want to serve.

“You were called to freedom, Bri. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for flesh, but through love SERVE one another” Galatians 5:13

Tell me your hopes, your dreams, your goals. I would love to pray over them all year for you. If you are feeling like a caterpillar and want a fresh start, dub this your cocoon year with me. If you need help finding an opportunity which offers light and hope, I promise you there is room for you at this table.

You were made to prosper. Happy 2018, friends!



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