Dating My Husband.


To all my married Ladies out there, this one if for you:

Man, in this day and age, dating can be hard..and you know what is harder than that? Marriage. I mean come one, it is SO easy to get caught up in the routine of jobs, church, groups, and well, just life in general. So many time we forget to really take time to nurture the foundation of our families- our marriages.

When Eric and I were dating, we took the time to be alone to connect, to laugh, to talk, and to have fun together. I  am not kidding when I say we could talk for hours about everything from our favorite things to sporting events to our pasts and everything  in between. The thing we realized (spoiler alert: its not new): Now that we are married, we need to do this now more than ever. We need to make time to be alone together to talk, connect, laugh, and have fun. We are still constantly learning things about each other.

To be frank, this doesn’t come easy for the both of us. Eric and I are recovering WORKAHOLICS. We both have a hard time saying no to others, leaving work at work, and not making ourselves constantly available for everyone. This isn’t something that just happens on its own for us, we are very conscious about making an effort and taking the time for it to nurture this. We are both try VERY HARD to make each other and our marriage a top priority. Don’t get me wrong, we are by no means perfect at this. There are times when we haven’t been on our A game and it puts us in a rut. Right when we moved to our new little town in Ohio, we struggled with giving each other just the leftovers of time in our day, instead of making our relationship a priority.  BUT we strive to put each other in the top spot, right behind the big man- Jesus, so we made some big changes. Here is what we did:

-Prayed together every day: Even if I was still sleeping, Eric would take my hand and pray over our relationship and our days before he would take off to work. Simple 1 minute of our day, but it was huge.

-No phone zone: We made it a priority to not being on our phones when we were together. We made a no phones at the dinner table rule and after a certain time at night rule.

-Started a 5 Minute Devotional: We would eat our dinner, then right after we would read and discuss. It was honestly one of the best things ever.

-We date: Whenever we have a free night, we go on dates. We always try new restaurants, try new things, and get active. We have never gone to the movies together because we LOVE places that get us talking and reconnecting.

Ladies. I think it is SO important to make your man your A1 since day 1, your ride or die, your bff, your boo thang. I know it is going to be even harder with children, but I am so happy that my husband and I are making practicing this habit now, so that it is a priority later.


So, The latest Day Date from the Fishpaw’s was a super hot date to SkyZone in Fort Wayne, Indiana. YOU GUYS, I have never laughed so hard in my life. First of all, shout out to my sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law for getting this for us for Christmas. WE LOVED IT! They have massive wall to wall trampolines- trampoline dunk hoop, trampoline and foam pit, ultimate trampoline dodge ball, and a place to free jump. If you are going with or without kids, do not worry, they have different areas for different sized humans! Its perfect! Time with my man + a workout= a win in my book!



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