Ahhh. January…

I had the most genuine intentions to start out 2018 with a BANG. I sat down to looked back on 2017 and asked myself “what needs fixing?” So, I set out the year with BIG resolutions. I wanted so bad to make the most of my time, to really focus on my businesses, to really serve my community, to do better self care, to post on all social media more. Y’all, I was not even a month in before that was a big ol’ flop. Thank goodness that the Lord still takes broken hallelujahs. FOR REALZ.

And this right here is why I love February. Something about this month has always brought all the feels. Not just in the super commercial way with all the flowers and balloons, but in the sense of Grace. I mean, HELLO, there is nothing “wrong” with me, there is nothing that needs “fixed”, and I am not a “problem”.
February is like January- The Sequel. You know, like a redo. Like a reminder of the beauty in the resurrection. The thing about this time round is that I am going to go about it all a little differently. I am going to start offering myself grace, loving myself a little deeper, and really sing praises to the big guy because I know he will make beauty from these ashes. I am going to really focus on surrounding myself with people who inspire me and push me to be the best me possible. I am going to do things that really set my soul on fire and push me to open my mind to new experiences. Instead of making resolutions, I am going to focusing on growth, intentionally work on the little things everyday, and just remember to not get down because I am not perfect. If I was, there wouldn’t be a need for Christ and what the cross represents.

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So you, yes you reading this- You are fearfully and wonderfully made, perfectly imperfect in all the ways, and you are worthy of grace! Go rub some oils on, throw on a Young Living Beauty Mask, relax, and remember to always #loveyourself.




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