Beauty Way Deeper than the Skin.

So this weekend flew by. There was so much stuffed into a short amount of time that you almost don’t have time to process it all. It’s wild.

I’m sitting here in at airport, eating this crazy hand dipped ice cream thing at 8:30am because that’s the type of human I am. And I think it all hits me.


Now, I am not one to really show my emotions, I keep SO MUCH inside and keep to myself a lot. But for whatever reason, I started looking at that box and i just lost it. Not like the movies where it’s maybe a cute little cry, but like ugly crying. To do the point where 2 people and a flight attendant came over to see if I was ok. Y’all. The embarrassment because I honestly couldn’t explain it to them. I probably seem like I had something sketch going on. It’s fine, just B.Fish, don’t call in back up. I pulled it together. Don’t worry.

Ok. So this is what is flooding through my brain:

👉🏼 I on a whim decided to go to a beauty conference about skin care and make up for Young Living. I received SO MUCH FREE STUFF.

👉🏼I didn’t know a👏🏼single👏🏼soul. So naturally I took to Facebook to find me a roommate. Never met this person, never spoke to her before this, but we were about to get real cozy. I am now realizing just how scary this could have been or how maybe I should be more careful in my life (#catfish😳). But the thing is, I never once in this thought how dangerous this could be because everyone I have ever met in this company have been great people. And my roommate was TOPKNOTCH. Her and her team let me tag along and crash the party. They went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I literally have zero to do with their team, I do not produce them any ogv or money, and they have zero ties to me. How many companies do you know that could make you feel that comfortable.

👉🏼this “beauty” event was WAY more than skin care and makeup. I’m not even playing. Woman and men stood up to inspire and lift us up. There were so many soul filling testimonies and talks that had nothing to do with the products but rather to help us find our god given purpose!

👉🏼just about every one of the speakers mentioned their faith and God, not because they had to or because the company asks them to but because this is such a huge part of their life and morals that it had to come up. THIS IS THE COMPANY I AM WORKING FOR😭😭😭😭😭

👉🏼the financial and time freedom that this company had offered. 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take 5 days off of work nor could I have afforded it. It is well, with my soul. ❤️

If you made it this far in this post, thank you. I know it’s long and if you’re like me, you scroll so fast. I literally could go on and on, but i think I need cut off. Thank you for your support and love. It is because of you that I have a passion for people and helping them be their best selves. If you’re wanting to be a part of this community, whether to get involved in the business or just using the products, I promise there is room at the table for you for all areas of abundance- wellness, spiritual, and financial.

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