Let’s Go Lancer Baseball!

You know, there is something special going on with this ball team. The stats, the big hits, the records being broken, all of it. But you know, far beyond that- beyond the wins and losses, the batting percentages, the stolen bases- there is something far bigger than that happening. ⠀

You see, sports teams and athletics, to the normal eye, isn’t much more than a bunch of jocks acting tough. For those of you that think that, stay with me for a second. ⠀

Sports can teach so much to kids. It can teach about goal setting and charging full force to achieve it. It teaches how to lose with grace and learn from it. It teaches you how to find each person’s niche on your team and use that to join together in a journey far bigger than yourself. And with that, how to appreciate other people’s different strengths. It teaches you to never give up, even when that seems like thats all you want to do. It teaches you how to lift up your teammate if maybe today just “wasn’t their day” because your eyes are set on far bigger prize than one day. It teaches you ethics, integrity, compassion, ambition, sacrifice, drive, passion, focus, dreams, and so much more. Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in the numbers, but what we need to remember is that it teaches you how to be a well rounded individual and team player. ⠀

Listen y’all- I’m about done. This team, I’m blown away. Yes, the talent is amazing. Yes, the stats are impressive. But the coolest thing is that they take being a good teammate to the next level. They embrace community like nothing else matters. They have taken in Jace, Derek, and Noah like brothers on this team and literally don’t even think twice about it. So powerful to watch, what great examples! Things far bigger than baseball are happening, lives are being changed! ⠀


So grateful to be a Lancer💙💛⠀
📷: Kevin Price

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