Convention Adventure.


Welp y’all, one more sleep and I’m off to Utah again.

I will be learning so much about business, touring the home office, hanging out at the lavender fields and witnessing our seed to seal promise in real life. That is all exciting, but this is so much more to me.


This is freedom, so much freedom. 😭😭😭
This is a freedom far deeper than anything that I have ever experienced. Ever since I have began this business, my heart has been opened on a deeper level than I ever thought was possible from any job. The support that Eric and I have found from these products has changed our health so much, clearing our heart from the physical worry. Since starting a year and a half ago, this business has given me a financial freedom that we have only dreamed of and we are just getting starting, freeing my heart of financial worry. One of the best things that has every happened to me was this community. Man, after struggling for so long to find my place, what a blessing this was on my soul.

This opportunity has freed my soul so much and made room for big dreams and loving on the things that fuel me! I am so grateful for those of you who have followed along and supported me- all the likes, comments, products bought, texts, questions, EVERYTHING. It means more than you know.



If you want to follow along with me this week, check this out! My team and I put together a group to share what we are up to and all the new things happening:

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