End of an Era.

Well y’all, it happened. Yesterday was the day that I have been excitedly, dreading. Is that even possible? To be excited about something that you also are dreading? I’m sure that there is a word for it, I can’t be the first person ever to be feeling like this.

Yesterday was the end of an “era” for me, the end of something I have been working so hard on for so long, the end of a passion. It is honestly hard to wrap my head around it. Its hard to imagine anything else but that. I tend to get so wrapped up in things that it becomes who I am and this was no different.

Yesterday, I stepped away from being behind the chair.

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Wow, that was even hard to type. I still don’t feel like my head and my heart are on the same page with this yet.

I loved doing all things beauty.
I loved my clients.
I loved helping you all feel as beautiful as I see you.
So what the heck, right?

Never in a million years, and a million more years after that, did I ever see myself with a MLM. They freaked me out and I never really found one that was “me”. Until about 2 years ago, everything changed.

I found my passion.
I found my community.
I found my spot.
And my team linked arms to run towards a goal together.


This is much more than financial freedom for me y’all, although that is freeing. This is an outlet where I have found my purpose. I have found a spot that allows me to have time to serve, to love, and to grow. Never have I found a more uplifting community who speaks life over me constantly. My heart has honestly never been more free. (I know, I sound crazy, even reading it sounds crazy)

This has allowed me to step away from worry, from being tied to a job where I only make money if I am physically there, from doing anything but what sets my soul on fire.


Friends- I pray that if you haven’t yet, that you find your passion. That you find what fuels your soul. If you want to see what I am up to with this crazy journey head on over to Saved By Jesus and Oils hit like- even if you never want these crazy oils, your support means more than you know!

I love you all and I wouldn’t be where I am in today without all of your support and trust in my wild decisions. Thank you for allowing me to charge fiercely in the directions of my dreams!

PS. Don’t worry. I will still be in the salon to do Lash Extensions, so if I am in- don’t be afraid to pop in and say hey! This is my new home at the salon, how cute is it!


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