Family Traditions

Yall, it’s APPLESAUCE DAY! Let’s stinking #homestead.

I love learning things from my mom, who learned things from her mom, who probably learned from her mom. I’m telling you, although this isn’t the most glamorous day it is such a beautiful thing.

I honestly find so much pride in myself when I can make something, especially something that is so essential for human survival- food. I like to imagine my grandma’s making it for their family while the kid version of mom and dad begging to help crank the Victorio Strainer. When we sit down for dinner and my husband says “this applesauce is delicious”, it mean more to me than any average dish I may make. No, this, this is something more. It’s a part of who I am. I can remember eating it when we were kids and arguing who was going to get the center that was still frozen. It takes me back to my family being around our big kitchen table in my parents county home. It takes me take to times I would never trade for anything, to running around outside until mom called us in for dinner, and to all the innocence that comes with that. So, as weird at it sounds, this Friends is what I am about.

If you haven’t walked through the process of making your own applesauce, I am here to tell you that you’re going to need to roll up your sleeves for this one. Kids, a little hard work never killed anyone, it actually is something to be proud of.

Today, I got up and picked four laundry baskets full of apples from our trees. FOUR FREAKING LAUNDRY BASKETS. It was so hot and humid today also. But this is one of my favorite parts of my home. Inspecting them and picking the ones that I believes would be the best there was. I then drove to my parents house to work on this with my mom. That is also something that is so special to me, time with mom. I hate to think of it, but I know I won’t get this forever. Maybe because I get busy with kids, maybe because we live too far, maybe because she isn’t able anymore, no matter what it is, it makes me so sad to even try an imagine it without her. So, I will take advantage of this as long as I possibly can.

Now, my family does it maybe differently than others. If you’re reading this and you love making applesauce, I am sure yours is amazing as well. First things first, wash those apples. You can use whatever cleaner or water you prefer, I personally suggest the Thieves Vegetable and Fruit Soak. It’s ah-maze-ing, seriously. I just ran out and my Essential Rewards order can’t get here soon enough.

We move on to using the ol’ Apple slicer. This is a step that some people don’t find necessary, but we have always done it that way. We like to cut the brown or bruised parts out along with the cores. To get ahead of the game, we are Apple cutting machines. We like to make so we have at least 2 pots full, so DEM SOME APPLES. Putting them in water until they are ready to cook will help them not get brown as quickly.

Then, throw those bad boys into a pot with water covering just the bottom to prevent them from sticking and burning. Medium-ish heat, like 7-8 on our stove, and stir occasionally. You will know they are done when you can stir them easily and they are a little mushy. Yes, that is the scientific term.

You’re about half way done, folks. Done with the hard stuff at least! Whoop whoop. This next step, you’re going to need that special tool I was talking about earlier called a Victorio Strainer. You can get one almost like ours Here. Also, make sure you have two bowls, one to catch that beloved sauce and one to catch the skins, like in the picture below. All you have to do is pour the apples from your pot on the stove into the top funnel, turn the arm, and help push the apples into the strainer with the red musher (because I don’t know he real name).

Smooth sailing now, just pour in a bigger bin to store until you’re ready to put it in the containers and add sugar (if you want to) for taste. If so, I would personally do it while it is still hot because it dissolves quicker. Things to keep in mind- you can always add more later and it gets sweeter over time in the freezer.

Once you’re happy with he taste, add it to your choice of containers. While adding the apple sauce, remember to leave room for them to expand when they freeze. We like to use mostly quarts and pints. Like these Here. Make sure to seal them tight with as little of air as possible. Then, just store in a freezer!

And you’re in business friends. Time well spent and great food! Nothing better than that!

What is a family tradition you love?

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