FAQ: Fostering to Adopt!

Since we have decided to tell everyone our big news about beginning the foster care process, there have been so many questions. Honestly, so did we (and still do), so it is completely understandable.

Fall this year is a little different around here. Fall brings new, different, fresh beginnings and I can full heatedly say it has a new, overwhelming meaning this time. Life has been busy getting ready for change. A change that we can prepare for certain things, yet have to fully rely on God for the rest. It has been scary, stressful, time consuming, yet peaceful. SO. MUCH. PEACE.


A: I know, I know, I KNOW!  I sound a little crazy throwing this all on you, but this is truly this is a HARD calling for us, so obvious that there was no missing it. We believe this is not about us, but ultimately about a kid who needs to be loved BIG in a safe place!

Q: Are you struggling with Pregnancy?

A: We know you’re all thinking it, mainly because so many people have asked us or family members. Nope, notta, zippo. This is not even the slightest reason why we are choosing to go this route. For us, this is by no means the second best option. We “plan” (lololol) to continue to grow our family in whatever way God sees fit. We hope that means someday getting to experience all the joys that come with being a birth parent! For now, this is where our hearts feel at home and needed.


A: Well, one of my favorite books tells me I am adopted aka the bible folks. I honestly think that by loving on these kids, we are taking a stand against injustice for the poor, the weak, and the hurting. Although we have so many questions still, by shining a light on these sweet babes, we are truly just loving on Jesus that much more. Seriously, we have seen Jesus show up so much through this, and not just that but it forces us to draw in super close and trust him in a huge way. It has been WILD.

Q: Who the?

A: Ok, so this was one of the weirdest things we have done through out our entire life. They give you a list of things to check of behaviors or characteristics that you will or will not accept in your home. Now, let me start by saying it brought on a ton of guilt. Like I should accept and be able to love on everyone, right? We prayed so hard, and I mean SO HARD over this. Then we have talked to people and prayed some more. Here is the thing, God designed Eric and I in a very specific way. He made us good at things and made us not be able to understand other things. With that being said, it has lifted so much weight off our hearts by understanding that has so much to do with the children we can bring into our home and still be the best people for them. We are accepting little’s, 5 and under. At this time, we are only looking to foster one at a time, but if things change, we will keep you updated! There are a ton of other little things, but that is the most basic explanation I can write without being here an hour.

Q: What if you get attached?

A: Ok, so best scenario: The Family is reconciled through HIS work and will. Second best scenario: the first babe we get lucky enough to bring into our home gets to stay with us forever. To be frank though, that may not happen. A child may get taken away, not because anything we have done or anything they have done, but because the state (really the big guy upstairs) feels that there is a better place for him or her.  To answer the question,  I honestly KNOW I will get attached, I am a human. If I am being even more honest, I  think that it will be so hard for me to work through. BUT, I also believe that these kids deserve to have someone get attached. Ya feel? They deserve to be so cared about that if anything does happen, they will be missed. I know it may seem like a strange concept to grasp because so many here are so loved by their family, but not every kid gets that.

Q: When the?

A: We are hoping to finish our certification process by the end of November. This means we will have our 36 hours of training, well check, physicals, vet checks, fire inspection, and more done. Once everything is done, we send it into the state to get approved. Once they approve us, we wait for a little in need!

Q: What does that mean for me?

A: For you? We need our people, the entire village, to jump on board with this. We need prayers, tons and tons of prayers. For us to not lose faith during the certification process, for all the kiddos in the foster system, for us preparing our home, for our organization we are working with, for our families, for us figuring out this parenting thing, and literally everything else. We need you to embrace this child like you would if we were the birth parents. You all know you are the real MVP’s with everything in our lives, let this be no different because they are part of our family!

If you have questions, please please PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask us. Odds are, we have either asked it before or probably are thinking it ourselves!

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