Things have been a little quite around here, but I promise I have been working on some cool things! I’ve talked about it so much the past week on social media, you’re probably so sick of hearing about it, but guess what?! I’m not stopping until I hit or exceed my goal!

What is it? The January Jammie Drive. I am teaming up with Mod Boutique and Jambos Donates to get jammies to foster kids in our area.

Did you know that because it’s a quick transition for their safety, foster kids come with little or nothing of their own belongings? I know, crazy right! Think about the feeling you get when you’re sitting there in some cozy jammies? Magical right?! So those two concepts? We want to merge them together. We want to bring that magical feeling of brand new jammies to Local Foster kids in need, our goal is 500 jammies to be exact!!

BUT, I NEED YOUR HELP! If you see some jammies on sale, grab them because if you bring a pair to Mod Boutique on Saturday, January 26th, you will get 15% off your order that day! There will be other vendors, a bake sale, and also a booth to answer any questions you may have about foster care set up!

Even if you aren’t local and still want to help, you can purchase off of our amazon list and have them shipped straight to us! You could also be a gem and share the mess out of this blog post so everyone can help! 😊

How close are we to our goal? Check it out below:

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