35 Things I Want My Kids To Learn Before They Leave

I’m sitting here and it begins to set in that I am going to have children soon. Carpets in, bunk beds set up, paints done. What is life? How are we here already? Am I ready? Am I good enough for this?

You know what every single one of my mom friends told me when I shared that the devil was creeping in hard? They all reassured me that they have those same feelings and are just winging it themselves. What a relief, ammiright? I mean, I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels like this. I know life won’t be unicorns and butterflies, but I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about lessons I want every kid in my home to remember.

So here it is, 35 things that I want every kid that comes in my house to learn:

1. Don’t peak in high school- It’s hard to believe it at that time, but there is life beyond high school. It is so important to continue to grow, learn, and to be a good person of society. The world of far bigger and far better than high school, don’t stop there.

2. Protect your body- Your body is a temple. Cliche, I know. But it is so important to make it the most sacred temple ever. There will be people who will say anything they can to make you believe that you aren’t worthy or will try to tear it down, it’s the devil creeping his way in. They will tell you that your worth is only in looks, but you are far more than that. Shut that down so fast. No person worth your time and energy would speak poorly of it, Ask you to send pictures of it, or push you to into crossing a line sexually. Respect yourself so hard that people done have a chance knocking down those doors.

3. You are not your job, the amount of cash you have in the bank, or your possessions- you are far bigger than anything you could ever own. The way treat people and the way we love Jesus is what will leave a mark on society. You belong to a king and that’s where your worth comes from.

4. There is nothing you can or can not do to make God love you less. The magnitude of his love for you is indescribable- what a crazy relief off of the shoulders. We don’t deserve it and we mess up all the time, but God’s never- ending love is far more than we could ever imagine.

5. When dating, treat that person like someone’s wife or husband-I can not stress this enough- even if this isn’t the person you end up with, treat them with the upmost kindness and respect you can offer because you would want someone to do the same to your someday husband or wife.

6. Team work is the best work- and it’s not a competition within might I add. We all have different strengths- Let your energy be used to build, not destroy

7. Family dinners are important- It May seem silly now, but you will you have someday. Such a small way to spend time with the ones you love the most.

8. Be coachable- whether it’s sports or a job, make sure you are constantly growing and constantly learning. If you make a mistake and someone tells you, take it as a learning experience- not that you’re bad!

9. Do small things with great love- a lot of small things add up to great things over time. Make everything you do very purposeful!

10. God didn’t pull David out of the lions den, he protected him with faith and used his story for big things- you WILL go through hard times, not because God is punishing you, but because he is using you and your story for something!

11. Be daringly intentional- put your phone down, set the reminder to reach out to a struggling friend, give gifts with meaning. Do everything with love and purpose.

12. Never take a good person for granted- I promise you will come across people that will do anything for you, don’t abuse or over look that.

13. Always put your shopping cart back where it’s supposed to go- this may seem dumb, but in life the people who go the extra mile, even on what may seem insignificant, are the ones who are successful. I promise you will never see a CEO leave their shopping cart floating around the parking lot.

14. Treat the CEO and the Janitor with the same respect- every single person in your life and workplace have purpose and deserve every ounce of respect. Don’t EVER forget that.

15. Tip well- if you can’t afford to tip at a restaurant, you can’t afford to eat there. Tiping someone is a reflection of what you think they are worth. Even if they are having a bad day, show them their worth as a human.

16. You are not entitled to anything- I’ll say it again for the ones in the back, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. Nothing at all, so be grateful for every opportunity, moment, and title you are given. If you don’t get what you want, work harder.

17. You have to fall in love with the person not the idea of falling in love or the idea of having a significant other- here’s the thing, we romanticize the idea of love that sometimes it can hurt our relationships. You don’t need a significant other to be complete, but one that can make you want to be a better person. It’s not going to be perfect, but it will be worth building from the disagreements. And if they show they don’t love you, believe that over what they say. There are really great, Jesus loving guys out there still that Ditch the toxic masculinity and focus on the good kind, find them.

18. It’s ok to be wrong- yes, you aren’t going to be perfect. If you were, there wouldn’t be a need for Jesus and the event on the cross would mean nothing. It is ok to admit you were wrong, apologize if necessary, and learn from it! Own up and I promise it will make you a better person. Always tell the truth.

19. Stand up for injustice and for those who can’t stand for themselves- if you see someone being bullied, help. If you see a need in your community, do something about it. If you believe something is wrong, don’t go along with it because it’s the “cool” thing to do. Be a life changer.

20. The world is a big exciting place- it’s bigger than your home, it’s bigger than your school, it’s bigger than your town. You will become more empathetic, more understanding, and more cultured if you travel and educate yourself.

21. You are the 5 closest people you spend the most time with- this couldn’t be more true, so pick wisely. Have friends that gossip and bully, so will you or Have friends that are kind and love, so will you! It can be life changing who you hang out with. And you are never stuck, never ever. People evolve and grow, so don’t be afraid to out grow people. This doesn’t mean you stop being nice to them, just change where you spend your time.

22. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake- this fear can stop you from so many great things in life. Mistakes can be looked at in two ways- a detrimental setback or a learning experience. It’s all about how you react. My advice, take a chance, learn from it, apologize if necessary, and grow to the next.

23. Find mentors is all areas of life- be a master observer. Find someone who has great qualities that has gone before you and learn from them. These mentors can be people you know, authors, podcast speakers, anyone who you believe can make you a better person in that area of your life.

24. Comparing yourself to others can steal so much joy and time- I promise that you are in a spot where you are supposed to be and when you compare yourself to someone who may be further in a job or have the significant other or have more things than you, you aren’t being grateful for your journey. I promise you can’t get to the destination, much less appreciate it, without the journey. There are different routes, enjoy the scenery on yours.

25. Change is not a bad thing- change equals growth. Change equals new education. Change equals new experiences. Embrace it and you will go way further in life.

26. When in doubt, ask it out- don’t be afraid to ask questions and educate yourself. If you don’t know something, that’s ok, Ask about it. Ask how to do something right, Ask how to get better, Ask about the knowledge you don’t understand.

27. Take care of your wellness- drink water, look at the ingredients on the products you are using, read your bible or self-growth books, focus on self care, and exercise. Taking care of yourself will change your life.

28. You don’t have to have it all figured out- life is a big, cluster of ever changing events. It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to be when you get older or even if you think you do and it changes. I truly believe that means you are growing through life. Find meaning in things and search for joy always.

29. If you have to choose between being respected and liked, choose being respected- doing the right thing won’t always be the cool thing, but it will pay off tenfold down the road. I promise you that, so tell the truth, stand up for injustice, and be humble.

30. Learn to win and lose humbly- no matter what, both will have learning opportunities, both will bring growth, and both will come with challenges. Being a sore loser or an arrogant winner have consequences.

31. Never settle because that will suck your soul- whether it’s a significant other, a friend group, a job, or anything else m, never settle. Know your worth and add tax! If you don’t, you will find yourself miserable.

32. Work really freaking hard- Oprah, Beyoncé, LeBron, JK Rowling, Ellen, or so many others weren’t just lucky. They didn’t just catch a break, know the right person, or have all the money. Nope, they worked really really hard. When other stopped working or gave up, they worked even harder. What’s the difference between a amateur and a pro? The amateur does it when it’s convenient and the pro does it even when it isn’t.

33. You have no clue what people are going through- Everyone is struggling with invisible emotions and silent situations, so choose kindness….always. I’d rather you be kind than have all the riches in the world.

34. If you see a piece of trash blowing away, pick it up- every small act is a ripple effect on saving this earth and that is our job!

35. You are so loved- no matter what you do, where you go, what job you chose, how much money you have, how popular you are, you are loved by this family more than you could ever imagine. Even when you get in trouble at home, and we are teaching you lessons, it’s because we love you so freaking hard and we want what’s best for you. And there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that.

What are lessons you want to teach your kids?

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