Dear Coach’s wife,

It’s here.

The time of the year when you can’t seem to catch up, where its feels nothing less than a season of sacrifice and service, and where more than not, your dinner comes in the form of a hot dog and Gatorade from the concession stand.

Not that it your life hasn’t revolves around it for the last 6+ months because ball is life, but the season has officially begun.

You know what is coming.

  • The days where your husband will be up well before and in bed long after you and the kids.

  • The nights will be filled with over analyzing a game or practice, prep for whatever tomorrow brings for the team, long phone calls with other coach’s, looking over stats, and all else that comes with coaching.

  • The laundry, kid’s homework, cleaning, running the kids, and all other housework will be 85% on you on top of raising kids and taking care of yourself. Marriage is not 50/50 during season, let’s be real.

  • You know all about (and are completely invested in) every single high school kid on that team without having a more-than-five-word conversation with half of them.

  • You’ll go to the games and try to sit in a spot where you will hear the least amount of chatter from those “sideline coaches”.

  • You will wear more school colors and team shirts than you would ever like to admit you own.

  • You will skip so many social events because well,… ball.

  • The thought of a date night that doesn’t involve a quick dinner with sports talk is laughable at best.

You signed up for this, you really did. Back when you said your “I dos” and had nothing to lose, you were so for it.

Let me tell you this because not enough people are telling you this:

This whole organization would come crashing down without you.

YUPP. I said it. That probably feels dramatic and selfish, but it truly isn’t.

Those big bold prayers you pray over him and his team are 10000% needed. You doing the extra work around the house for a season so he can be a more present coach? It’s an unmatched sacrifice for the team. Coming home and helping him process through the game or practice for the millionth time that week? Honestly, the win wouldn’t have happened without it even if you did nothing but listen.


So, here is my prayer for you because I am right there with you:

  • My prayer is that you realize that God is not surprised that you are stressed or overwhelmed and that you call on him to give you peace.

  • My prayer for you is that when the enemy whispers those lies of neglect, selfishness, isolation, and inconsideration, that God shuts your heart off to them. That, with that, he helps remind you of the hardwork and commitment that both of you are working towards for your family- let that be your truth.

  • My prayer for you (and your family) is that you are reminded that you are a powerful part of this team. That you are filled with nothing, but empowerment this season to do whatever it takes to step into that role.

  • My prayer for you is that you constantly fight for your marriage. If that means you get a 15 minute car ride to church as a family, that you put your phone down and hold his hand the whole way. My prayer is you show up and make those short snip bits of time you get, the most intentional because right now, it’s crucial.

So, here’s to you friend, the strongest type of people I know. Cheering you on this season!



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