2 years.

5B470DC4-C61C-4671-B5E6-2F53043EC3AD2 years. Where did that time go.. Ammiright?

Feels like just yesterday I was taking him to my friends wedding because I lost a bet over a sporting event which meant I had to go on a date with him and that was THE only time I had available when I came home. (Thanks to Tyler and Jenell for the first date😂) Funny how I hung out with him the entire weekend after that. O silly, young Bri- you were something else.


Here are 10 secrets I learned about marriage in this short time:

1. Marriage is hard. Like really, really hard. No book, advice, article can get you ready. There are days you reallllly have to work at respecting your differences and find the balance. It’s a whole new level of relationship and commitment. Confrontation is ok as long as it’s respectful. I mean this is with every relationship, but FOR SURE in marriage. No one is ever ready for it, but it comes with work!

2. Marriage changes you. I am a fly by the seat of my pants, free spirited, unorganized, anxious person. Eric is a optimistic, planning , straightforward, kind spirit. I think we have rubbed off on each other. I think he has become more adventurous and I more organized with certain things . Change is a part of life and as long as you have someone changing you for the better, I think it’s a good thing.

3. Chill the heck out and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m telling you that cap on the toothpaste does not matter and you won’t even remember it in 5 years. Pick your battles and learn to let things go. If he doesn’t organize the dishwasher like he should, the world won’t end.

4. You will drive each other crazy sometimes. Those movies where they are perfectly in love, holding hands, walking down the beach every day. No, just no. There are days that I wish my fake Harry Potter wand actually worked. There are days I need space, and I know he feels the same. But I believe that individuality is ok. I thinks it’s a good thing to have some good quality time apart to appreciate the time together. (Literally wouldn’t be able to do this marriage thing without my girl gang, as weird as that sounds)

5. Listening is so important. Duh, right? But listening to both what your person is saying and what is coming out of your mouth. Being a sassafras, I can truly hurt his feelings, and it is so important to listen to tones of words. Sometimes I find myself thinking “I would have been pissed if he said that to me”.

6. You should be each others biggest fan in public and biggest constructive critic behind closed doors. There are days when he says things in public that we discuss when we get home and same with myself. Like how our words could be more kind, loving, and Christ like.

7. Time alone is seriously so important. We don’t take our phones on our dates and have times at home when phones aren’t allowed. We can tell when we haven’t gotten time for just us in a while because more arguments begin. And let me tell you, this is one of the hardest things for us because we are always on the go. We have to be super intentional about it.

8. It’s important to support each other’s dreams. Let me tell you, Eric is the best at this. He has never ever made me believe that I wasn’t worthy of my big dreams, no matter how off the wall they are. Nope. Not once. He actually has done the opposite. He has pushed me to dream bigger because he knows my worth and he know that will make me work that much harder. You guys, this has been the most empowering for our marriage.

9. Time with Jesus both together and individually is so so important. What a game changer it made in our marriage when Eric started waking me up every morning to praying over us. So simple- literally took 5 minutes, but it set the precedent for the rest of the day. Our words became kinder to each other, our bond became stronger, and our faith together became unbreakable.

10. Having the same hand to hold through everything is so worth it all. I’m telling you marriage is tough. There are obstacles, tears, and hard conversations. But it also brings daily laughter, someone to have your back always, a hand to hold when you are scared, and someone who you can be more connected with than you ever thought You would ever be in your life. When you have found someone who is worth working for and struggling with, you have found a good one. I would do it again in a heart beat.

410577B7-6DF9-4F36-BFA6-35243B6F8B26Happy anniversary, bub. Here is to many more adventures, lessons learned, and years working on together. I love you forever!

End of an Era.

Well y’all, it happened. Yesterday was the day that I have been excitedly, dreading. Is that even possible? To be excited about something that you also are dreading? I’m sure that there is a word for it, I can’t be the first person ever to be feeling like this.

Yesterday was the end of an “era” for me, the end of something I have been working so hard on for so long, the end of a passion. It is honestly hard to wrap my head around it. Its hard to imagine anything else but that. I tend to get so wrapped up in things that it becomes who I am and this was no different.

Yesterday, I stepped away from being behind the chair.


Wow, that was even hard to type. I still don’t feel like my head and my heart are on the same page with this yet.

I loved doing all things beauty.
I loved my clients.
I loved helping you all feel as beautiful as I see you.
So what the heck, right?

Never in a million years, and a million more years after that, did I ever see myself with a MLM. They freaked me out and I never really found one that was “me”. Until about 2 years ago, everything changed.

I found my passion.
I found my community.
I found my spot.
And my team linked arms to run towards a goal together.


This is much more than financial freedom for me y’all, although that is freeing. This is an outlet where I have found my purpose. I have found a spot that allows me to have time to serve, to love, and to grow. Never have I found a more uplifting community who speaks life over me constantly. My heart has honestly never been more free. (I know, I sound crazy, even reading it sounds crazy)

This has allowed me to step away from worry, from being tied to a job where I only make money if I am physically there, from doing anything but what sets my soul on fire.


Friends- I pray that if you haven’t yet, that you find your passion. That you find what fuels your soul. If you want to see what I am up to with this crazy journey head on over to Saved By Jesus and Oils hit like- even if you never want these crazy oils, your support means more than you know!

I love you all and I wouldn’t be where I am in today without all of your support and trust in my wild decisions. Thank you for allowing me to charge fiercely in the directions of my dreams!

PS. Don’t worry. I will still be in the salon to do Lash Extensions, so if I am in- don’t be afraid to pop in and say hey! This is my new home at the salon, how cute is it!


Convention Adventure.


Welp y’all, one more sleep and I’m off to Utah again.

I will be learning so much about business, touring the home office, hanging out at the lavender fields and witnessing our seed to seal promise in real life. That is all exciting, but this is so much more to me.


This is freedom, so much freedom. 😭😭😭
This is a freedom far deeper than anything that I have ever experienced. Ever since I have began this business, my heart has been opened on a deeper level than I ever thought was possible from any job. The support that Eric and I have found from these products has changed our health so much, clearing our heart from the physical worry. Since starting a year and a half ago, this business has given me a financial freedom that we have only dreamed of and we are just getting starting, freeing my heart of financial worry. One of the best things that has every happened to me was this community. Man, after struggling for so long to find my place, what a blessing this was on my soul.

This opportunity has freed my soul so much and made room for big dreams and loving on the things that fuel me! I am so grateful for those of you who have followed along and supported me- all the likes, comments, products bought, texts, questions, EVERYTHING. It means more than you know.



If you want to follow along with me this week, check this out! My team and I put together a group to share what we are up to and all the new things happening:

Things that Scare Me.

Let’s get real for a minute. If that scares you, I promise you’re going to want to skip this.


I am going to admit something out loud to the world that very few people in my life know. Something that I have struggled with for a long long time. Ok, here it is- I am afraid to become a mom. Seriously, afraid and I have been avoiding it since the second I got married.

Let me explain myself because I have heard every response in the book from the people who know this about me and it is all “you are crazy”. I was brought up by a mother who ALWAYS put us before her no matter what. I ALWAYS had the newest and coolest stuff and never thought twice about it. My mom and dad were ALWAYS at my Sporting events, even when we had 4 kids in sports at one time. We ALWAYS had food on the table. We ALWAYS had vehicles when we could drive. We ALWAYS had the most creative projects in school, even when my dad was running a business and my mom was in school. I ALWAYS knew my parents would be there, whether for the serious stuff or the silly stuff. I ALWAYS knew I was so loved, even though I have done some stupid stuff in my day. That’s crazy. The amount of selflessness that I have felt from my parents my whole life has been wild. And this hasn’t just been from them, but from grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone.


When I picture myself as I mom, I think of all that and I struggle. I struggle with that fact that I don’t think I could be half the mom my mom was/is and I get caught up in the fact that it’s not fair to a child. Then I begin to think how I spend my time and money and I feel entirely so selfish. I don’t think I could even be a quarter as selfless as my mom or really any of the women in my life have been. I am scared that I wouldn’t do justice to the way my mom raised me. It is so hard to think about. My husband and I talk about this so often- I am terrified.

It’s also a beautiful thing to think about. How incredible blessed am I to have a role model(s) like that. How amazing that I never had to worry or wonder if I was loved. One of the best moments in my life was when I got to take a second out of my crazy wedding day to tell my mom how truly amazing she was. If i really think about it, if I am even a small percent of amazing as my mom was/is, I would still be a rockstar.


Y’all, I have heard every response in the book when I share this. And honestly, this isn’t even about my struggles. This is about the fact that my mom is so amazing that I don’t know how she possibly did/does it. It seems like an unreachable goal to be even half as great. One day is not good enough to celebrate, but Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You deserve everything you ever dreamed of for putting up with my shenanigans.


Let’s Go Lancer Baseball!

You know, there is something special going on with this ball team. The stats, the big hits, the records being broken, all of it. But you know, far beyond that- beyond the wins and losses, the batting percentages, the stolen bases- there is something far bigger than that happening. ⠀

You see, sports teams and athletics, to the normal eye, isn’t much more than a bunch of jocks acting tough. For those of you that think that, stay with me for a second. ⠀

Sports can teach so much to kids. It can teach about goal setting and charging full force to achieve it. It teaches how to lose with grace and learn from it. It teaches you how to find each person’s niche on your team and use that to join together in a journey far bigger than yourself. And with that, how to appreciate other people’s different strengths. It teaches you to never give up, even when that seems like thats all you want to do. It teaches you how to lift up your teammate if maybe today just “wasn’t their day” because your eyes are set on far bigger prize than one day. It teaches you ethics, integrity, compassion, ambition, sacrifice, drive, passion, focus, dreams, and so much more. Sometimes, it is so easy to get caught up in the numbers, but what we need to remember is that it teaches you how to be a well rounded individual and team player. ⠀

Listen y’all- I’m about done. This team, I’m blown away. Yes, the talent is amazing. Yes, the stats are impressive. But the coolest thing is that they take being a good teammate to the next level. They embrace community like nothing else matters. They have taken in Jace, Derek, and Noah like brothers on this team and literally don’t even think twice about it. So powerful to watch, what great examples! Things far bigger than baseball are happening, lives are being changed! ⠀


So grateful to be a Lancer💙💛⠀
📷: Kevin Price

Beauty Way Deeper than the Skin.

So this weekend flew by. There was so much stuffed into a short amount of time that you almost don’t have time to process it all. It’s wild.

I’m sitting here in at airport, eating this crazy hand dipped ice cream thing at 8:30am because that’s the type of human I am. And I think it all hits me.


Now, I am not one to really show my emotions, I keep SO MUCH inside and keep to myself a lot. But for whatever reason, I started looking at that box and i just lost it. Not like the movies where it’s maybe a cute little cry, but like ugly crying. To do the point where 2 people and a flight attendant came over to see if I was ok. Y’all. The embarrassment because I honestly couldn’t explain it to them. I probably seem like I had something sketch going on. It’s fine, just B.Fish, don’t call in back up. I pulled it together. Don’t worry.

Ok. So this is what is flooding through my brain:

👉🏼 I on a whim decided to go to a beauty conference about skin care and make up for Young Living. I received SO MUCH FREE STUFF.

👉🏼I didn’t know a👏🏼single👏🏼soul. So naturally I took to Facebook to find me a roommate. Never met this person, never spoke to her before this, but we were about to get real cozy. I am now realizing just how scary this could have been or how maybe I should be more careful in my life (#catfish😳). But the thing is, I never once in this thought how dangerous this could be because everyone I have ever met in this company have been great people. And my roommate was TOPKNOTCH. Her and her team let me tag along and crash the party. They went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. I literally have zero to do with their team, I do not produce them any ogv or money, and they have zero ties to me. How many companies do you know that could make you feel that comfortable.

👉🏼this “beauty” event was WAY more than skin care and makeup. I’m not even playing. Woman and men stood up to inspire and lift us up. There were so many soul filling testimonies and talks that had nothing to do with the products but rather to help us find our god given purpose!

👉🏼just about every one of the speakers mentioned their faith and God, not because they had to or because the company asks them to but because this is such a huge part of their life and morals that it had to come up. THIS IS THE COMPANY I AM WORKING FOR😭😭😭😭😭

👉🏼the financial and time freedom that this company had offered. 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take 5 days off of work nor could I have afforded it. It is well, with my soul. ❤️

If you made it this far in this post, thank you. I know it’s long and if you’re like me, you scroll so fast. I literally could go on and on, but i think I need cut off. Thank you for your support and love. It is because of you that I have a passion for people and helping them be their best selves. If you’re wanting to be a part of this community, whether to get involved in the business or just using the products, I promise there is room at the table for you for all areas of abundance- wellness, spiritual, and financial.



Ahhh. January…

I had the most genuine intentions to start out 2018 with a BANG. I sat down to looked back on 2017 and asked myself “what needs fixing?” So, I set out the year with BIG resolutions. I wanted so bad to make the most of my time, to really focus on my businesses, to really serve my community, to do better self care, to post on all social media more. Y’all, I was not even a month in before that was a big ol’ flop. Thank goodness that the Lord still takes broken hallelujahs. FOR REALZ.

And this right here is why I love February. Something about this month has always brought all the feels. Not just in the super commercial way with all the flowers and balloons, but in the sense of Grace. I mean, HELLO, there is nothing “wrong” with me, there is nothing that needs “fixed”, and I am not a “problem”.
February is like January- The Sequel. You know, like a redo. Like a reminder of the beauty in the resurrection. The thing about this time round is that I am going to go about it all a little differently. I am going to start offering myself grace, loving myself a little deeper, and really sing praises to the big guy because I know he will make beauty from these ashes. I am going to really focus on surrounding myself with people who inspire me and push me to be the best me possible. I am going to do things that really set my soul on fire and push me to open my mind to new experiences. Instead of making resolutions, I am going to focusing on growth, intentionally work on the little things everyday, and just remember to not get down because I am not perfect. If I was, there wouldn’t be a need for Christ and what the cross represents.


So you, yes you reading this- You are fearfully and wonderfully made, perfectly imperfect in all the ways, and you are worthy of grace! Go rub some oils on, throw on a Young Living Beauty Mask, relax, and remember to always #loveyourself.




Dating My Husband.


To all my married Ladies out there, this one if for you:

Man, in this day and age, dating can be hard..and you know what is harder than that? Marriage. I mean come one, it is SO easy to get caught up in the routine of jobs, church, groups, and well, just life in general. So many time we forget to really take time to nurture the foundation of our families- our marriages.

When Eric and I were dating, we took the time to be alone to connect, to laugh, to talk, and to have fun together. I  am not kidding when I say we could talk for hours about everything from our favorite things to sporting events to our pasts and everything  in between. The thing we realized (spoiler alert: its not new): Now that we are married, we need to do this now more than ever. We need to make time to be alone together to talk, connect, laugh, and have fun. We are still constantly learning things about each other.

To be frank, this doesn’t come easy for the both of us. Eric and I are recovering WORKAHOLICS. We both have a hard time saying no to others, leaving work at work, and not making ourselves constantly available for everyone. This isn’t something that just happens on its own for us, we are very conscious about making an effort and taking the time for it to nurture this. We are both try VERY HARD to make each other and our marriage a top priority. Don’t get me wrong, we are by no means perfect at this. There are times when we haven’t been on our A game and it puts us in a rut. Right when we moved to our new little town in Ohio, we struggled with giving each other just the leftovers of time in our day, instead of making our relationship a priority.  BUT we strive to put each other in the top spot, right behind the big man- Jesus, so we made some big changes. Here is what we did:

-Prayed together every day: Even if I was still sleeping, Eric would take my hand and pray over our relationship and our days before he would take off to work. Simple 1 minute of our day, but it was huge.

-No phone zone: We made it a priority to not being on our phones when we were together. We made a no phones at the dinner table rule and after a certain time at night rule.

-Started a 5 Minute Devotional: We would eat our dinner, then right after we would read and discuss. It was honestly one of the best things ever.

-We date: Whenever we have a free night, we go on dates. We always try new restaurants, try new things, and get active. We have never gone to the movies together because we LOVE places that get us talking and reconnecting.

Ladies. I think it is SO important to make your man your A1 since day 1, your ride or die, your bff, your boo thang. I know it is going to be even harder with children, but I am so happy that my husband and I are making practicing this habit now, so that it is a priority later.


So, The latest Day Date from the Fishpaw’s was a super hot date to SkyZone in Fort Wayne, Indiana. YOU GUYS, I have never laughed so hard in my life. First of all, shout out to my sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law for getting this for us for Christmas. WE LOVED IT! They have massive wall to wall trampolines- trampoline dunk hoop, trampoline and foam pit, ultimate trampoline dodge ball, and a place to free jump. If you are going with or without kids, do not worry, they have different areas for different sized humans! Its perfect! Time with my man + a workout= a win in my book!